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Batman: Divursus :iconlex-the-bear:Lex-The-Bear 1 7
The Enemy Of My Enemy
The Enemy Of My Enemy
Fear surrounded him.
His horned helm turned slowly to regard the human commander in front of him. Despite their size difference, the heavily armoured human stared at him with undisguised hatred and distrust. Mailed fists were planted on plated hips, high shoulder armour threatening to dwarf his bearded face.
"I don't trust you," said the human. "I don't even want you here. If I had my way, I'd have you executed on the spot."
The taller figure straightened slightly. His size and his hoofed feet were the only clues to his species – a draenei, one of the alien species that had crash-landed on Azeroth and allied themselves with the human-night elf Alliance. His massive head moved again, the downward curving horns of his helmet seeming to fix on the other occupants of the high room, deep inside a keep on the front lines of the never-ending war.
"I could kill every being in this room," said the draenei after a while. "And you wou
:iconlex-the-bear:Lex-The-Bear 0 5
Novus Vita: Alone
Kraft froze, the beam from her torch wavering slightly in her grip in the dim light from the emergency strips on the walls. She'd spent half an hour wandering around looking lost before noticing coloured lines on the walls. One line had ended at a mess hall, with long tables, hundreds of chairs and blank screens lining the walls, and shutters cutting off one end of the hall. She retraced her steps and followed another line, which had led her to this intersection and the voice which had made her stop in shock.
"Identify or I will open fire."
The voice was deep, flat and metallic, obviously synthetic and not from a set of human, or even organic, set of vocal chords. It had a reverberating quality, not changing in tone at all, and it vibrated through Kraft's chest as she turned slowly towards the source.
"Sergeant Kraft," she said nervously, not knowing what to expect.
A bright light blinded Kraft for a brief second, and she instinctively threw up her
:iconlex-the-bear:Lex-The-Bear 1 25
A vast battlefield stretched for as far as the eye could see.
From a small hill, a tall figure watched as heavily armoured humanoid warriors attacked a fortified city at the base of a mountain. He literally glowed with power, ornate armour plates inlaid with intricate designs which gave off an eerie green light.
Below him, surrounding the walls of the city, legions of warriors butchered each other in a frenzy. The air rang with battle-cries, screams of the wounded, the ring of metal-on-metal, and one could almost taste the blood in the gusting winds around the open plains.
Massive siege engines hurled destruction at the walls, splashing against impenetrable defences in places, crashing through already weakened areas in others. Scores of warriors lined the wall tops, hurling spears, rocks and other projectiles down at the attackers beneath, whilst enormous teams of armoured near-humans manoeuvred lofty towers and ladders into position beneath the walls.
From seemingly n
:iconlex-the-bear:Lex-The-Bear 3 26
Question Time
Question Time
His arms were cuffed behind his back, with the chains passed through the columns on the back of the chair he was seated on. His dark skin was marred by a heavy bruise on his cheek, a thin trickle of blood drawing a line down his chin from a corner of his mouth, and his hair had a light dusting of grey. That and his leathery, beaten skin were his only concessions to age.
Despite his head being bowed, staring at his heavy booted feet, his back was ramrod straight, an obvious military background that no amount of trying could completely erase. He was also in full Mandalorian armour, missing only his helmet, gauntlets and obvious weaponry, with sandy-coloured plates over a black vest and jumpsuit. One of his shoulder plates was a dark purple colour, with a strange sigil worked into the beskar, and the plate over his heart was covered in writing, the angular script unfamiliar to the two heavily armoured Galactic Alliance Guard troopers standing guard over him.
:iconlex-the-bear:Lex-The-Bear 4 16
Mature content
Novus Vita: Awakening :iconlex-the-bear:Lex-The-Bear 0 13
Me, Myself and Mandalorians:21
Our arrival back at Coruscant was a somber affair. With our numbers reduced by the adventures on board the Indomitable and the previous siege, the troopers that were expected failed to materialize, and all explanations fell on deaf ears.
Due to his command role during the boarding action, Noa Arkaan was dismissed forthwith from the employment of the Grand Army of the Republic, as was the Wookiee known as Orikih. Harl Raven was also given a posthumous discharge, and his out-standing wages were with-held, much to the anger of Arkaan and Orikih. As for myself, being an accessory and major player in the events leading to 'the unnecessary and criminally negligent destruction of a possible future military asset', I was dishonourably discharged and told in no uncertain terms that my continued presence in the Core Worlds of the Galactic Republic would be considered illegal and that a self-imposed exile would be the best thing for both myself and the GAR.
The ARC lie
:iconlex-the-bear:Lex-The-Bear 4 24
Me, Myself and Mandalorians:20
A black tide of beasts poured from the entranceways, some running across the walls and ceiling, others pounding on all fours towards the defenders. The air was filled with blasts from DC15s and the ozone stink of blaster discharge.
Arkaan, Marcla and Shane kept their heads down, Marcla and Arkaan crawling as fast as they could towards the barricades whilst Shane lay on his back, a pistol in each hand and blasted away with both, alternating shots with each hand, scoring dozens of hits before the power packs ran dry.
Several objects flew overhead, and the ARC curled himself into a ball automatically. The grenades went off in a staccato burst, throwing gore, blood and shrapnel into the air. Arkaan looked back and watched Shane as he commando-crawled his way towards him, moving arm-over-arm as quickly as he could.
Out of the corner of his eye, Arkaan spotted Shane's rifle and quickly snatched it up before spraying fire into the solid mass of oncoming beasts. He kept the fire
:iconlex-the-bear:Lex-The-Bear 2 18
Me, Myself and Mandalorians:19
The group hurried along the corridors, Arkaan supporting Marcla, whilst Upchuck did the same with Hoday, though under protest. Jaig and the other troopers surrounded them, with Jaig himself taking point. The sergeant did his best to keep their pace quick, but not too quick for the two Jedi, since both were still feeling the effects of whatever it was had affected them.
Unbeknownst to the others, Arkaan was having a raging argument inside his helmet with the woman running beside him that none of the others could see.
"Was this why you had me take him in?" he raged. "Just so he could kill himself saving the rest of us?"
"You think I'm using him just to save your shebs?"
"Well why else do you keep appearing, if not to protect me? Or are you just a product of that…thing back there that's been slowly guiding me towards getting Jay on-board this ship?"
"Indirectly. All you need to know is, there are other forces out there, some of which don't want to see bad thing
:iconlex-the-bear:Lex-The-Bear 2 29
Carn Brea monument by Lex-The-Bear Carn Brea monument :iconlex-the-bear:Lex-The-Bear 2 6
Me, Myself and Mandalorians:18
Arkaan released Jay in shock and watched as he drifted away in the zero-gravity.
Jay twisted as he went, straightening his body and raising his arms slightly, looking like some kind of religious figure having a revelation. Seemingly under his own power, he drifted back towards the obelisk and turned so he was facing out from it. He gestured, and with a clunk of machinery, gravity was restored to the room, sending everyone crashing to the floor. Shane found himself hanging over the edge of a precipice and had to pull himself back up and over the railing, whilst Arkaan was dumped onto the walkway onto his back. The two Jedi, still connected to the obelisk by a translucent beam of light, seemed to not move at all, having been stuck on their knees during the ordeal.
The dark-robed figure got shakily to his feet and looked up at Jay, raising his own arms and sinking to his knees as though in worship. Those enemy troopers that hadn't disappeared over the edge of the walkways
:iconlex-the-bear:Lex-The-Bear 2 8
Me, Myself and Mandalorians:17
A large, heavily armoured door hissed open, and Arkaan and Shane moved through immediately, Upchuck and the other trooper on their heels. Marcla, still looking as though she hadn't a care in the world, moved through behind them, looking all around her. They stopped almost as soon as they'd entered, keeping their weapons ready but looking on in astonishment at the sight in front of them.
The wall beside the door they'd entered through had a hole cut in it, through which the cables they'd seen were fed, and once through the wall, they were strung across the massive room on makeshift brackets spot-welded to walkways and walls.
In front of them, the enormous room was dominated by the rounded power core of the vessel. Gantries and walkways created several different levels to the room, and cables appeared from walls and doorways all around the room, on all different levels, all leading to an enormous console set into the main wall of the power core itself.
Set in front of th
:iconlex-the-bear:Lex-The-Bear 2 29
Mature content
Me, Myself and Mandalorians:16 :iconlex-the-bear:Lex-The-Bear 1 10
Me, Myself and Mandalorians:15
Blue blaster bolts lanced towards Hoday and his lightsabre snapped on as he went into auto-pilot. The purple blade swept up and batted bolts into the walls beside him. One of the troopers went down, winged by one of the bolts and the rest dived for cover into doorways.
Before they could return fire, an explosion threw them all to the floor, including the rogue trooper that had opened fire. The rumbles echoed through the corridor, but no flames appeared, something for which Hoday was very grateful. He made to pull himself back up to his feet, but instinct forced him to stay on one knee, ducking his head down.
Behind him, a carbine spat fire, throwing a burst of blue down the corridor. Ahead of them, the figure was already rising to his feet, using his rifle as a crutch. The bolts intercepted him, blowing his chest-plates open and throwing him against the wall. His helmet drooped and he lay still.
Hoday turned to see Jay lowering his carbine and extending his hand, indicat
:iconlex-the-bear:Lex-The-Bear 3 15
Me, Myself and Mandalorians:14
Captain Pell frowned at the console in front of him, and the ensign almost physically withered beneath his gaze. They'd watched on the view-screens as the gunship bearing the boarding party flew over the hull and paused in front of the superstructure, before disappearing into the dorsal hangar bay. A few transmissions had made it to them before being suddenly cut off, and the crew had spent the last few minutes trying to re-establish communication.
"Time check?" he called out for the fifth time.
"Eight minutes, fifteen seconds, sir."
It was approaching ten minutes since they'd last heard anything from General Hoday, and Pell was beginning to get seriously worried.
"Comms, do a full-spectrum sweep. Check for any kind of interference, jamming or transmissions of any kind."
"Sir, we already swept…"
"Sweep again!"
The lieutenant saluted and threw a few quick orders at the ensigns under him.
Pell knew they'd already swept the space around them when communication had fir
:iconlex-the-bear:Lex-The-Bear 2 8
Me, Myself and Mandalorians:12
"Sir, are we going to hide in a closet or at least try and link up with Colonel Arkaan?"
Hoday fixed Jaig with a glare, one hand still pressed to his ear, trying desperately to get a hold of the other party.
The group had found a set of emergency stairs and descended a few levels before Hoday found a small room. They'd paused in the room for several minutes whilst the Jedi tried unsuccessfully to raise anyone on the comm. Arkaan, the pilot of the gunship, Raysh and the Iron Fist had all gone quiet, and coupled with the shutdown of the bridge, Hoday was beginning to get seriously worried, and it looked like the troopers around him were getting nervous too.
"We'd be best off linking back up with Arkaan and the others," he replied finally. "But I can't get hold of anyone."
"What's our next move then?" asked Jay.
"We head for the CIC. Like you said earlier, it's the most logical place for someone to do this from. We find them, and we get answers. I'm not leaving this s
:iconlex-the-bear:Lex-The-Bear 0 16


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